Business model

our business model

Our Purpose:


To enrich peoples’ lives by creating and sharing abundance, based on the pillars of Love, Integrity and Faith in God.


Our Vision:


To be the largest distributors of FMCG products in Southern Africa.


Our Mission:


We are passionate about empowering independent business owners by supplying them FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products.


Our Business Philosophy:


Mindful of our Purpose, and in pursuit of our Vision, we will operate in accordance with the following principles:

Our Value System:


We will run our business in an ethical manner, dealing fairly and respectfully with our customers, suppliers, employees, environment and the broader community in which we operate.

We will strive to always maintain a healthy balance between entrepreneurialism and professionalism.

Decisions should be guided by what is in the company’s best interests over the long term, rather than the pursuit of unsustainable short-term benefits.

Selling products of value and not selling “sin tax”, addictive or gambling products.


Our Management Approach


 We believe that sustainable growth is dependent on continuous renewal of all aspects of the business. This is best achieved by harnessing the collective genius of all employees, thereby unleashing their full creative potential.

We encourage and nurture effective leadership at all levels, and believe in delegating decision-making to the lowest level at which sound and well-balanced decisions can be made.

The role of the Board is to formulate policy, approve the strategic recommendations of management, and allocate the necessary resources to enable management to implement the approved strategies. 


Overall Business Strategy:


We will maximize our profits and return on investment by selling high volumes at low prices rather than low volumes at high prices. (Advance cash n carry)